Top sightseeings to visit during Saint-Petersburg trip

Top sightseeing’s to visit in Saint-Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is not just one of the most beautiful cities of the world, is also an amazing place that will open its secrets for you step by step. Therefore, let me tell you something about most interesting places to visit in Saint Petersburg, beyond my massage parlor and the city nightlife of course.

Why do I love this city?

Many of our website visitors ask me to help out with this delicate issue, especially when most of them are here for business and have only a couple of free days to spend on sightseeing. So, let’s say I’ll be your online escort girlfriend. What a pity that you don’t have a bit of more time!

To be honest, one needs at least a week to overview just some key places, but suppose that you’ve been here for a business meeting and still have 1-2 days before your next flight. Is that a familiar situation for you? All right, then here is a quick guide, a kind of “Saint Petersburg for newbies”.

And let’s suppose you stay somewhere on Nevsky Prospect in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Must visit places

Below are basic places to visit right in the city center. You can do this in 1-2 days by walk. Just follow my map. Sure, it’s just a 10% of the city beauty, but it’s enough for the first time.

1. Church of the Savior on Blood

You will spend 30-40 min. Entrance is about 300 rub.

Also known as Resurrection of Christ Church. It was built in 1883-1907 in the place where on March 1, of 1881, was mortally wounded by a bomb Alexander II. There were 2 big design proposals in 1881-1882 but all of them were rejected by Alexander III. Finally, he chooses the project of Alfred Parland and Archimandrite Ignatius, but only with a clause that it will be improved by architect Grimm. So, there is no one main designer. The church was close to being destroyed in 1931-38, but world war two divert Soviet government from this plan.

2. Kazan Cathedral

You will spend 30-40 min. Entrance is about 400 rub.

Temple, which houses the main sanctuary city “Kazan Icon of the Mother of God”. The building was initiated by Pavel I after his trip to Europe and started just in 1801 after his death. It was designed by talented young architect Andrei Voronikhin. Also, after the War of 1812, to the temple was brought 27 captured flags of the defeated French army.

Address: Nevsky prospect 25. Open till 8pm.

3. Saint Isaac’s Cathedral

You will spend 30-40 min. Entrance is about 400 rubles.

My favorite one! The largest Russian Orthodox cathedral in Saint Petersburg. Its history starts in 1710 when there was an old wooden Isaac’s Dalmatsky church on this place. In 1712 Peter the first married there with Catherine Alexeevna, his second wife. The wooden church was replaced with the stone one and then in XVIII century with the bigger temple. However, this temple was not good enough for the city center and it was decided to replace it with a design of August Monferran. 40 years of work, and they got wonderful Cathedral which can hold up to 12000 people! The cathedral history was terrible during the revolution and world war two. But today it is a working Cathedral.

4. Copper Horseman

Stands right behind the Saint Isaac’s cathedral. Not the only one but a most well-known monument to Peter I. And is not made from COPPER, it is from bronze. But we call it copper horseman because of well-known Pushkin poem. Was done by the Catherine II decree and designed by a French sculptor Ethan Falcone. After 16 years of work, Falcone finished the Horseman in 1782. Peter sits on a horse which is covered with bearskin. The horse is a symbol of rebellious people which obeyed the emperor and the snake at the horse hoofs are the opponents of reforms (and also an additional support of the whole monument). The words on boulder are “From Catherine II to Peter I. Year 1782”.

5. Palace square and Alexander Column

You will spend 30 min. Free.

Palace square is the main Plaza St. Petersburg which was named out of the “Winter Palace” the main residence of Russian monarchs in XVIII-XIX centuries. Now a day is a well-known place for the concerts and public events. The Alexander Column stands right on the square. Designed by Auguste Montferrand and finished in 1834. It is 47,5 meters long and is the highest column in the world which is done with just one solid stone. The column is named in honor of Alexander I and symbolize his victory over Napoleon and to the peace and quiet that brought Russia to Europe, defeating Napoleon. The angel on top was designed by architecture Orlovsky and has the face of Alexander I. The whole column is 600 tons’ weight and stands without any additional piles.

6. Hermitage

You will spend about 3-4 hours and it will be only an overview excursion because the whole Hermitage takes more than a week. Cost about 600 rubles.

Well, the Hermitage itself is actually a 6 buildings place and its covering the main one “Winter Palace”. It holds about 3 million items, including paintings, drawings, sculpture, applied art, a collection of numismatics and archaeological sites. It was started as a personal collection of Catherine the Great in 1764 and was open for public only in 1852.

DONT spend your time trying to overview all the Hermitage by yourself. Take an excursion. I will not tell you what to watch there because this place is full of masterpieces like the “Madonna and Child” (otherwise known as the Benois Madonna) by Leonardo da Vinci, “St. Sebastian” by Titian, “The Holy Family” by Raphael, “The Return of the Prodigal Son” by Rembrandt, “the apostles Peter and Paul” El Greco.

I would recommend to take an excursion and dive into all of this. I will give you only one more advice: Don’t try to overview many things. Cover only the main masterpieces and spend more time with them. It’s art and not just a “must be visited place”.

Restaurant and evening time

Finish your day in a good old restaurant which I really like. It is called “Stroganoff Steak House”. They have good English website: LINK. I don’t advertise it, just a frank recommendation. They serve the best meatdishes in the city and my men also take their herring, which we often buy to take out after the dinner.

After the restaurant, you can spend your time somewhere in a bar or club or visit my girls for erotic massage before to have a look at the bridge’s opening sightseeing. I just know at this time you’ll be exhausted after Hermitage and there are not many places to relax before to go to bridges. A sensual erotic massage is a fantastic choice.

The main bridge and the most beautiful view will be the Palace bridge (Dvortsovy bridge) which was built in 1912-1916. There were 54 designs rejected before the final one executed by Andrey Pshenitsky.

Each opening of the bridge lifts up 700 tons! Follow the Saint Petersburg bridges opening schedule to be near the bridge in time. Dvortsovy will be opened first at 1:35 am. So, you’d better be there at 1:15, because sometimes they open earlier. Don’t forget your camera! And don’t forget to read my other helpful articles which will guide you through the nightlife and sexual attractions of Saint-Petersburg!

Last words: If you are in Saint-Petersburg at summer time then don’t forget that all the bridges in the city will rise up (open) at night. What does it mean? Well, it is one of the most exciting show to take a look AND you wouldn’t be able to drive to your hotel until the bridges will close again (about 2 hours)… Ha-ha… seriously, don’t forget about this. Here is the St. Petersburg bridges opening schedule.